The goal of Holy Spirit’s support programs is to help each student develop into a successful, well-adjusted and compassionate young person, capable of making thoughtful, wise decisions about life. With its strong community Holy Spirit supports students, parents and families on a daily basis.

Academic Support

At Holy Spirit we use a multi-tiered approach to meet the academic needs of our students.

  • Tier One – Classroom Support: Our teachers are
    amazing in how they accommodate the needs of learners
    and make modifications to help each child be successful.
    Our teachers are trained in differentiated instruction which
    allows them to meet the needs of a wide range of student
    ability levels. Some of the supports provided at this level
    includes before- or after-school tutoring. For many children
    this boost is just what they need.
  • Tier Two — Learning Specialist and Title One: When the support of the classroom teacher is not enough, students work with our Learning Specialist (often in small groups). Our learning specialist is specifically trained in the areas of reading and math and typically sees students several times a week. The Learning Specialist also works with classroom teachers to design and implement classroom accommodations. Holy Spirit also provides support through our Title One program
  • Tier Three – Special Education: Some students need
    even more specialized support. We work closely with the
    St. Paul Public School District, specifically the staff at Expo
    Elementary and Highland Middle School for the assessment
    and service of students that qualify for special education