Fine Arts

An education at Holy Spirit Catholic School aims to develop the whole child. While we offer a strong academic program, students are also involved in a wide range of activities. Art, music, athletics, robotics, theatre and much more are all part of the Holy Spirit experience.

Band (Grades 5-8)


The Holy Spirit band is the largest in the Archdiocese for a school of our size. Our band program provides both weekly small group lessons and full band experiences. Students in grades 5-8 have the opportunity to participate in band. A complete band curriculum is provided to all participants. Band cultivates musical and instrumental growth, creativity, communication skills, and life-affirming values such as self-discipline, respect, and responsibility. Questions? Email Brent Platta.

Piano (Grades K-8)

Piano lessons are available for students in grades K-8. These weekly lessons are 20-30 minutes in length and emphasize both piano theory and application. Weekly individual piano lessons are available to all Holy Spirit students in grades K–8. The piano curriculum for each student is tailored to accommodate their specific needs and goals, while including fundamental principles that are necessary for providing a foundation upon which a multitude of musical activities can be built.

Children’s Choir (Grades 3-8)


Children’s choir is one opportunity for our students to enrich their own and others participation in the liturgical life of Holy Spirit.



Art is a creative and essential part of the life of students. Through art students explore and express themselves through many media and styles, with their work prominently displayed throughout the school. Students K-5 also participate in the Art Adventure program through the Minneapolis Institute of Art.


The Holy Spirit Theatre program provides an annual opportunity for any and all Holy Spirit students (K-8) to utilize their talents either on or off stage to participate in an original theatrical production. On average, over 1/3 of the student body participates in the annual play.