Holy Spirit students at Holy Spirit participate in an advisory program during their middle school years. Students get a chance to build community in smaller groups while also receiving training on executive functioning skills. They are gently guided to cultivate organization, time management, and self-advocacy skills while learning about their strengths.


Curriculum centers around religion, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. In addition, students have weekly specialist classes in the areas of music and physical

Middle School teachers work together closely to foster the academic, spiritual, and personal strengths of each
student. Through team meetings, teachers find ways to authentically connect content across the curriculum. Whether
language arts and social studies team up to dig deeper into the Great Depression or religion and art combine to
create stained glass windows, teachers are always looking for ways to deepen students’ understanding of the curriculum.

Special Events and Activities

6th Grade

  • Bridge Contest

7th Grade

  • Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • Living Stations of the Cross

8th Grade

  • School leadership opportunities
  • Confirmation