Holy Spirit School is a ministry of the Church of the Holy Spirit. It is built on Catholic tradition and the fundamentals of faith in God, affirming the human dignity of all, and building solidarity within our community. Holy Spirit encourages all members of the school community to show a constant respect and sensitive concern for one another and to use their many and varied gifts from God for the benefit of the community and world.

Prayer and Worship

Prayer is an important element throughout our school day. Through prayer, we strive to raise the conscious awareness among our students of God’s presence within themselves, each other, and the entire school environment. Examples include:

  • Weekly Mass for students
  • Morning prayer during announcements
  • Prayer before lunch
  • Holy Day Masses
  • Stations of the Cross

Sacrament Preparation

The Sacrament of Reconciliation offers the forgiveness of sins, restores the gift of God’s grace, and reconciles us with the community, inasmuch as our sins harm or distance us from our brothers and sisters.

The Eucharist is the center and heart of Christian life through which we are joined to the Body of Christ. The Eucharistic celebration is a holy meal which recalls the Last Supper and reminds us of our unity with one another in Christ.

Holy Spirit provides preparation for the sacrament of First Reconciliation and First Communion in second grade.

Preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation takes place in eighth grade. As primary formers of their children in faith, parents are essential in this formational process. Confirmation meetings invite candidates to prepare for the sacrament through study, prayer, service, witness, and commitment. Candidates participate in liturgies, meetings, and retreats. They take time for faith sharing sessions so that our youth can examine how to be a witness for Christ in their everyday lives.

To register your child for any of these sacraments, please visit the linked pages to complete the registration process. Registration opens at the beginning of the school year.



We believe that Christ instituted the sacraments and they provide us grace. As a matter of faith, we as Catholics believe that Jesus gave us these wonderful signs we call sacraments and through the power of God’s love his grace flows to us calling us to action as his hands here on earth.

Holy Spirit students have the opportunity to receive the Eucharist on a regular basis. Students also have the opportunity to go to individual confession twice during the school year (Advent and Lent).

Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching is an integral dimension of the educational process that students experience at Holy Spirit. Our goal is to challenge our students and the entire school community to live in a socially responsible manner. Teachers regularly bring Jesus’ world view into instruction by asking the questions, “What does Jesus tell us about this? What does Scripture tell us to do?

Some of our social justice projects include:

  • Learning about world hunger issues and raising money for Feed My Starving Children
  • Bringing our focus closer to home, we support Sarah’s Oasis, a residence for women from around the world who are escaping war and abuse. These women are going to school, working, and beginning a new life in the Twin Cities.
  • Learning about our world and advocating for using our resources wisely.
  • Thanksgiving food drive